Oh People, Please!



Do nothing or don't care?  For the 112th Congress, we saw both.

Our elected representatives aren't totally inept.  After all, they found ways to get themselves off unemployment and on the public payroll.  That's not do nothing. That's do something.  They try to cut down on government employees. That's not "do nothing", that's do something. They try to eliminate the social safety net for those who need it.  That too is not ""do nothing," that's do something.  And who says that a fish doesn't stink from the head down?  They say to kill a snake, remove it's head. Congress, for what it's worth is a poisonous viper. And here's where removing it's head alone isn't good enough.  We need to fillet it and remove all of the venomous sack inside of it -- the Right Wing Tea Party poision.

These elected officials are people who are trying.  I know they are.  They spend all their waking moments trying.  But trying what? 

Truth is, they're one trick ponies. They're trying to get reelected on the backs of everyone else.   Even before they step into their offices for the first time, officially sworn in, they're out fundraising so they canraise their awareness of public issues along with their re-election coffers.  They're not studying the Constitution which most of them have never fully read. They're out looking for new innovative ways to be returned to their uni-directional jobs (that of breaking the middle and lower class).  Working one out of every three days a week and having a full staff and expenses to handle their "official" business.  God, that seems like it must be very taxing.  Did I just say taxing?  Why not just eliminate those and all our problems will go away?  Except for the taxes that pay their salary, of course.

Let's consider that.  We're facing tax increases in a few days.  Do our elected officials care?  Not really.  They're on Christmas break -- one they can afford to take and will most likely write off come tax time, as official business. They've got a job and if the government were to shut down today, how many representatives will we put out on unpaid furlough?  None.  Yet we do that to teachers responsible for our kids.  We may soon be arming those teachers, but pay them for the work they do?  Oh, Mister -- Please! 

And when things get tough and we need to tighten our belts, let's just cut food for the poor.  But eliminate the three martini lunch for the representatives?  Oh, Lady -- Please! 

And when it comes time to find money for public transportation and clean energy exploration, do we consider trimming the bailouts and freebies to the smoke spewing oil companies?  Oh, People -- Please!

It's not too late to see changes made, but letting bullies have their way didn't work in the 20's - 60's with the mob, I didn't work in '70's through the new millennium with irresponsible spending cuts.  Can we start using some sanity and correct this while there is still a north and south pole -- at least with snow and glaciers?  Before animals and people become extinct because we just don't care that our air is filling up with carcinogenic waste and industrial bi-products?  While there's stilla bright sunshine that doesn't require our needing goggles and full protective body suits because the atmosphere has been punctured, endangering life as we know it?

They say that Styrofoam takes hundreds, if not thousands of years to biodegrade.  We won't be there to see it -- but I bet the "Don't Care" Congress will be.  And if you're lucky enough to make it that far, bring your checkbook.  They'll be looking for a political donation to be reelected.

Let's consider sweeping away the trash once and for all.  Maybe a few treasures will be lost away along with it, but we're used to paying a price for improvements -- and even now for keeping the status quo.  Do nothing?  They have.  Don't care?  That's for sure.  Welcome 113th Congress.  You've got some very small shoes to fill with some very large feet.

For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of television’s biggest hits… Saved By The Bell, Power Rangers, 227, Bill Cosby Show and many other network series. His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:the PRISM AWARD and the TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. Currently he’s authoring a short story series called “A Few Minutes With…”