Dep't. of What Could Go Wrong? More headaches for Shell Alaska’s new offshore drilling program in US Arctic


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Gee, what possible reasons could environmentalists such as yours truly have for repeatedly speaking out against drilling in the Arctic? I mean other than being a dirty rotten tree-hugging gay French Kenyan Marxist commie fascist hippie. I mean, come on, what could possibly go wrong? Why would I wring my hands over all that Big Oil money making all those corporate fatcats even fatter while Mother Earth dies a little more? Why would I fret the way I do if the top one percent is feeling no pain?

Could it be that only a few days ago, the Coast Guard had to evacuate the crew of an oil drilling barge off the coast of Alaska after engine troubles on its tow vessel left the barge drifting?


Could it be that the Coast Guard got itself into a pickle while trying to help the Shell rig? Mmm, could be!

L.A. Times:

Adding to a season full of headaches for Shell Alaska’s debut offshore drilling program in the U.S. Arctic, the company’s Kulluk drilling rig was stuck in monster seas off the coast of Alaska on Friday as its tugboat’s engines failed and the Coast Guard cutter that came to assist became entangled in a tow line.

There were no immediate threats to crew or equipment, but Shell Alaska was rushing additional aid vessels to the scene as the Kulluk, which drilled the beginnings of an exploratory oil well in the Beaufort Sea over the summer, sat without ability to move forward in 20-foot seas about 50 miles south of Kodiak.

See, the weather was kinda bad, see, so they lost the tow line. Now imagine what could happen during a monster oil spill in the same monster seas. Imagine the many complications on a much grander and scarier scale, a sea life and human life-threatening scale, a BP-sized scale.

... Shell dispatched additional vessels to help. [...] However, the dispatch of those additional vessels is likely to delay the departure from Alaska of Shell’s second Arctic drilling rig, the Noble Discoverer, which had been held up by the Coast Guard in Seward, Alaska, because of reported “discrepancies” in its safety and pollution discharge equipment.

Tell me again, Obama administration and Drill-Baby-Drillers, why the hell we're taking risks like this? Something about corporate profits and lobbyists and political pressure was it?