The Book Booth: New Years Edition



The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore, as well a brick and mortar in small town Washington State. Both have been in the Publishers Weekly has an excerpt of a “lost” romance from the Forgotten Writings of Bram Stoker.

And speaking of lost, author Dennis Lehane, of whom we have talked about here, has a reward for you, if you happen to find his missing dog. The story is at HuffPo.

As Neil Sedaka told us many years ago, breaking up is hard to do. Flavorwire found 8 literary break-up letters that should bring a tear to the eye.

Lydia Syson of the Guardian has a list of the top historical novels for teens (and I’d guess adults would enjoy them as well). There are some interesting choices here

Onto some best of the year lists. First up is Mother Jones and its staff picks for the best non-fiction of 2012. Included are Neil Young’s memoir, Waging Heavy Piece and Chris Hayes’ Twilight of the Elites. I’ve also heard some great things about Jon Ronson’s Lost at Sea. Check ’em out!

On NPR’s Morning Edition, some of our fellow independent bookseller colleagues were featured giving their favorite books of the past year.

Finally our friends of that great book newsletter Shelf Awareness has some great choices as well for the year. And when you visit the link, feel free to subscribe. It’s free!

What was your favorite book of the year? And what’s on your nightstand now? Let us know. A Happy, Happy and Safe New Year! See you on the other side of 2012.

  • dan domike

    Thanks, David! Live By Night is on my nightstand and will be devoured once I’ve finished David Hajdu’s biography of Billy Strayhorn. Happy New Year!

  • David G

    Dan and Tammy, I think the best book I read this year was Dennis Lahane’s Live By Night.   It was a very easy read and fun.  Not particularly challenging but enjoyable nonetheless.  Happy New Year and great book selling in 2013.  DG