Saturday Links



GottaLaff will be home today!! Wheeeeeee!

Now that's Etch-A-Sketch art: Incredible portraits of famous faces drawn with one continuous line

2012 Election Trivia Quiz

Incredible pictures of African wildlife taken with hidden cameras and camouflage

Anonymous TSA "insider" blog

Stunning photos of the night sky captured in the American desert

Study: Hawaiian island slowly dissolving

Deathbed theory dreamt by an Indian maths genius is finally proved correct - almost 100 years after he died

The horrors of an avalanche (and the beauty of really amazing online journalism)

The single made from ice that can be played on any vinyl turntable

U.S. tree-nesting sea bird said in decline

  • Sorry Laffy, I tried getting Laffbot drunk and I think there was a short-circuit

  • 20 years in the making. I sacrificed everything and everybody to present the world with this: The complete Mouse Genome done in an Etch-a-sketch!! ::crash::  oops.  Oh crap.

  • I missed you Ms. Laffy. Can I borrow 52 cents please?