Video- Allen West: President Obama 'Living In Some Type Of Fantasy World'


You knew he wasn't going anywhere, milking the last few days of his term for what it's worth.

  • Allen West: President Obama ‘Living In Some Type Of Fantasy World’

    You mean the one where you won reelection?

  • kimbutgar

    I guess he is auditioning to be the new house negro on Fox.

  • David G

     It has to be a fantasy world if Allen West exists in it.  He certainly doesn't exist any longer in the real world.  DG

  • Congressman Queeg still talking that ying-yang? This man has served the racists of the GOP well--even while they paid him a pittance for his flagrant self-humiliation. (He does not have a sweet think-tank sinecure in his future, methinks.) When the high-top-faded Queeg is finally gone - and when he's forced to forage for employment in the private sector for the first time in his life - the GOP will have yet another iteration of this self-hating/-humiliating type of professional token in Tim Scott...

  • Sally

    Yup Allen, the fantasy man is still President, and you are still a guy who got kicked out of the service for torture. Now, who should we believe? And by the way, this President has incurred less debt than anyone in 60 years, but Fox has never been known for caring about the truth. Time to go, Allen.