Thursday Links



Good morning. We're not even going to break freezing today.

Tiny Christmas tree that gave the Nazis' prisoners hope: Survivor still lights candles 78 years after receiving gift from his parents

Mexico City offers exchange of cash, toys for guns

How the black piranha has the most powerful bite of any animal in history - even a T-Rex

Pajamas that look like business suits

Please don't kick out Piers, we don't want him back! British critics launch counter-petition to make sure he stays in U.S.

What to drink this winter — according to Smithsonian

U.S. child poverty rate increased over last decade, study says

'I joined a book club just so I could drink some wine': Hilarious ‘motherhood’ rap notches up one million views as it strikes a chord with frazzled mums everywhere

Childrearing advice from the Kansas State Board of Health, 1900-1920

NASA names moon crash site in honor of Sally Ride

Now these really are rubbish cars! Funny photos of vehicles whose owners appear to prefer hoarding litter to carrying passengers

Audits of businesses for illegal immigrants rising