Video- Joan Walsh Thumps Chris Matthews, David Corn Over Dick Armey, "Bunch of Grifters"


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The guys were soooo clueless in this.

  • David G

    Tweety tries to walk the fine line in the middle of the road sometimes, and he's doesn't have great balance when he attempt it.  It's thinking that bringing in a gunman to make your point is how people end up getting shot or worse, killed.  If Army needed an army, he was in the wrong place to start with and never should have showed.  Love you Joan for seeing the story in the story.  And shame on you, Corny... we expect that goofiness from Chris M, not you. DG

  • Harbor Guy

    I saw some of this today and thought..."what the hell? Corn? Tweety? What the hell are you talking about?"

    No wonder Joan got so riled up...I didn't blame her at all.

  • Paddy


  • ursulas

    It's "Kibbe" not "Kibbi".