NBC Asked To Use High Capacity Clip For MTP, Was Denied



I take back what I said before, Gregory and whoever runs MTP are just as stupid as the wingers. Doesn't seem like they'll get more than a slap on the wrist for it, but it did give the wingers a new notch in their belts

NBC News asked D.C. police for permission to use a high-capacity ammunition clip as a prop on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” show, a request District authorities said Wednesday they denied.

But host David Gregory appears to have used one anyway — and then displayed it on national television. Now D.C. police say they’re investigating whether the District’s gun laws were violated in the incident.


The District’s code says that “No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device” whether or not it is attached to a firearm.

After the show, people contacted D.C. police asking whether they would charge Gregory with a crime. A response from the department’s customer service section sent to a group called Patriot Perspective, and confirmed as accurate by a police spokeswoman, said “The Metropolitan Police Department is in receipt of your e-mail regarding David Gregory segment on ‘Meet the Press.’

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  • chris kraska

    I remember.  I complained.  I said it was stupid and a case of poor judgement.  However it wasn't illegal.


  • chris kraska

    I wasn't trying to make a case of moral equivalency.  Violating the law by possessing a high capacity magazine isn't the same as killing 27 people.  I don't recall saying it was.

    But saying it's ok to break the law if it's done with good intentions is the epitome of semantic sophistry.

    So yes, there is an issue.  It is a problem.  He could have just as easily shown a video or picture of a magazine. 

    He did it for effect and it was a poor decision.

    If you don't respect the law how can you possibly seek to change it?


  • A high capacity magazine can't do much without  1) rounds loaded INTO it, and  2) an actual GUN attached to it.

    So no, I don't see the harm.  Gregory may indeed have committed a violation, but I hardly think his display of a (possibly empty) magazine chamber (with no attached weapon) constitutes an equal violation as the Newtown shootings -- and therefore, don't understand the rightwingnuts' equal condemnation . . .

  • chris kraska

    DC has a ban on high capacity magazines.

    He asked if he could show one on the air.

    DC police said no, it's illegal to possess one in DC.

    He did it anyway demonstrating that a ban has no meaning
    unless you are a law abiding individual.

    You don't see the harm?

  • It appears rightwingnuts believe the right to bear arms is sacrosanct.

    The right to bear magazines, however . . .

  • No one remember when tea party cretins showed up at political functions carrying an actual weapon? I do. More importantly, I don't remember the right saying that was a no no.

  • David G

    Truly amazing.  How much harm did showing this do -- outside of not having permission to carry it, I don't see where he's hurt too many people with his actions -- other than gun advocates who don't want any anti-second amendment discussions to meaningfully take place.  DG

  • I've never trusted David Gregory for some reason, so I don't watch MTP anymore (I'm sure I've missed a great deal of good news and debate). Perhaps I find him to be insincere and a panderer. I could be reading him incorrectly, though. So this episode of his doesn't surprise me all too much. I'm wondering if he was told it was okay by producers, all the while the producers knew it was against the law with no permission granted. 

    My conspiracy theory for the day!   

  • chris kraska

    That was a very stupid move on David Gregory's part.

    Why not a photograph of one? I don't get the necessity of it. Worst of all, after be