TPC holiday note to readers


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First things first: Paddy and I wish each and every one of you a safe, warm, happy holiday filled with love and yummies.

As for this week: Both of us are under the weather, so posting has been a little slower than usual the past few days.

As for me, I am going on yet another Big Road Trip (scroll... and yes, let's hope it's not a repeat of the one I had two years ago... and yes, our house is in good hands) to San Francisco with my family, so we all better get over our miserable colds quickly (all of us caught this sucker). Especially because I'm meeting up with some wonderful new, and long time, Twitter friends in SF, which makes me so happy!

I'll try to post when I can, but I doubt it will be more than once or twice, because it's not easy when I'm out and about. (My little notebook is a pain, plus I'm never sitting in one place long enough to write anything.)

Hence, I've invited a few people to sub for me, including David Garber, Andy Marquis, and Chris Lamb. Hopefully, they'll be able to contribute while I'm gone.

So we will likely continue our lighter posting this week, given the time of year and both Paddy and me trying to recupe from our various sickitude.

Again, have a safe, warm, happy holiday week. Be good to Paddy and we'll be back to our regular posting schedule after the first of the year.

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  • cognachas4paws

    Happy holidays to both of you and thank you for all you do.  I just found this site earlier this year and am glad I did.  You do great work.

    Happy holidays to all of the TPC readers, too. 

  • mellowjohn

    merry and happy to both you and paddy. and thanks for another wonderful year.

  • David G

    Health, happiness and hopes that all will be well.  A grand year end thanks for all that Laffy and Paddy have provided us with over 2012.  DG

  • And to you!!

  • A Happy Holiday Season to both of you!!