Final Annual Cool Things



I want to thank everyone who contributed sites, links etc. We’ve found some cool things and hopefully you guys have as well. But charity is year round, so here is the final list of charities you might want to check out today and into the year.

Charitable Organizations-

Pet Refuge- My local no kill shelter. They are incredibly dedicated folks who volunteer to save the huge numbers of unwanted, abused and homeless animals. They also sponsor a low cost spay and neuter clinic on donations only. Good people doing good deeds.

A group of alumni from Newtown schools is looking to serve those affected by the tragedy of December 14th with our work, our wealth, and our wisdom through collaboration with local organizations. Please give them a consider.

2012 Reservation Propane Drive- The poorest demographic on Indian reservations are looking towards another winter with no funds for heat. Steady your spine and read about it here.

From the super duper Cat, we have Secret Sandy, helping kids from Hurricane Sandy. Hat tip to Bryce Covert from the The Nation. Story about them here.

So Others Might Eat in DC Great services; emphasis on dignity.

Jack tweets us to go check out The Hunter School, a non profit learning space for ADD, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome children.

FOB IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) need your attention every day. They are a non partisan group that lobby for and supports our returning soldiers.

Charity for the holidays Benevolent. Micro grants to low income families.

If not now, when? The Brady Campaign could use your support.

My Twitter pal @KJoTheSmartAss wants you to check out SLAMNYC, "Sobriety, Learning and Motivation, is an organization composed of passionate New Yorkers dedicated to creating a public high school designed to meet the profound needs of the city's youth in recovery. We at SLAM envision a future where at-risk and suffering youth have a chance to acquire a top-notch education wring recovering from their life-threatening addiction." Click here to see Kristen talk about it.