Monday Links



Are you done shopping? I just need to pick up a couple nice steaks as is our tradition.

Simply having a wonderfully awkward Christmas time! Festive family photos that'll make even the worst scrooge laugh out loud

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Will Computers One Day Have Human Senses?

The ridiculous ways astronauts prepared for historic moon landing in 1969

Math Fleet: command a space squadron and defend planet Earth with the power of math

Video- 'I dream in Lego': How to make a giant advent calendar from building blocks

Winter Reading List: 20 Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen

The incredible 'alien' skull discovered in a Mexican cemetery: 1,000-year-old skeleton reveals bizarre practice of binding heads

How much do you know about Christmas traditions around the world?

Nigella swears by maple syrup, Jamie stuffs the skin, Gordon uses buckets of butter... So which TV chef will help you cook the juiciest turkey

Come plague, storm or bomb, most U.S. states unprepared: report

How we really do have the attention span of an insect: Researchers find dragonfly has the same 'selective attention' as humans

Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work

  • Lonely (not lonesome) but joyous Christmas here. All of the kids are grown and they all have other plans, but I'm cool with that.

    As odd as it might sound I'm rocking a great halibut steak for Christmas dinner. I'm a bit torn on side dishes but I'm leaning towards some fresh green beans or broccoli.

    That may seem odd to others but I haven't had a really great halibut steak in ages .................. and I'm on a diet.