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Note to NRA about armed guards

So there I was browsing my Twitter stream when I came across this rather disturbing tweet from my Twitter buddy Chris Geidner:

tweet chris geidner NRA

The "Shield" concept was proposed here, at the NRA infomercial that Wayne LaPierre pitched during his psychotic breakdown.

"Oy!" I grunted to myself, already feeling a little queasy. Unfortunately, you'll be feeling the nausea right along with me. Welcome to WTF World:

tweet nra school guns

If you click on the link, you'll be able to see what people tweeted back to them. UPDATE: Odd, the reply tweets are gone. Suffice it to say there was one of support and a few that expressed their disapproval... strongly.

Need an antidote? Me too! Why here's one now, from another Twitter pal @HaroldItz:

tweet nra remedyFor the win.

I have the best Twitter friends in the whole wide world.

  • Thanks for that info!

  • I completely agree with you on the incredible idiocy of the NRA's proposal, but unfortunately, while Ft. Hood (which my husband works on and is about 3 miles from my house) is a military base, the people in the building Maj. Hasan shot at were unable to have guns because guns are not allowed to be carried except in the specific performance of duties, i.e. by military police, gate guards, etc.  The people Maj. Hasan shot were there doing paperwork in preparation for deployment, so their duties at that time did not include the necessity to carry a gun. The only people who had guns were base civilian police sergeant Kimberly Munley and civilian police sergeant Mark Todd.

    So unfortunately, that particular shooting doesn't count.