The only thing that stops the bad guy with the NRA is a good guy with...


Note to NRA about armed guards

So there I was browsing my Twitter stream when I came across this rather disturbing tweet from my Twitter buddy Chris Geidner:

tweet chris geidner NRA

The "Shield" concept was proposed here, at the NRA infomercial that Wayne LaPierre pitched during his psychotic breakdown.

"Oy!" I grunted to myself, already feeling a little queasy. Unfortunately, you'll be feeling the nausea right along with me. Welcome to WTF World:

tweet nra school guns

If you click on the link, you'll be able to see what people tweeted back to them. UPDATE: Odd, the reply tweets are gone. Suffice it to say there was one of support and a few that expressed their disapproval... strongly.

Need an antidote? Me too! Why here's one now, from another Twitter pal @HaroldItz:

tweet nra remedyFor the win.

I have the best Twitter friends in the whole wide world.