Video- NRA Infomercial: Wayne LaPierre Shares His Psychotic Breakdown


This is seventeen minutes of the least reality based blatherings I've ever heard. No clue if it's the complete speech because no amount of money or love could get me to listen to it twice. By the way, as Twitter is saying, weren't there shitloads of guns at the Ft Hood massacre?

  • chris kraska

    Wow.  A shining opportunity to say something along the lines of:

    "The NRA plans to take the lead in a comprehensive national program of education, legislative and mental health initiatives relating to firearms.  Over the next five years we will work in conjunction with lawmakers and law enforcement, mental health agencies and school districts, and people from all walks of life to make sure that a tragedy like this will never happen again.

    Among our proposed programs going forwards are:

    1) Creating a new system of training, competency examinations, and enhanced background checks for those who would purchase weapons,

    2) Petitioning for the increased funding of mental health initiatives to identify those in need of mental health services,

    3) Building  a system whereby qualified personnel such as school resource officers, retired law enforcement officers and others can receive extensive and specialized training well beyond what the average law enforcement officer has in order to be placed in every school in America,

    4) Asking legislators to draft an addendum to the National Firearms Act of 1934.   This addendum would include adding semi-automatic rifles in military calibers capable of taking a detachable magazine and semiautomatic shotguns capable of taking a detachable magazine to the NFA effectively creating an extensive process to obtain one or register ones already possessed under an amnesty period including the purchase of a federal tax stamp (suggested cost of $300 up from the current $200),

    5) Seeing that the ATF receives an additional 3,000 personnel immediately to process the estimated 20,000,000-40,000,000 applications to register the newly created NFA category,

    6) Assist in the allocation of the estimated 6-12 billion dollars to pay for the additional personnel and fund the other aforementioned initiatives. 

    We must stand together as a nation to insure that instead of paying lip service we really mean it this time. 

    Never again."

    Instead, he walks out in the middle of a National Wake and takes a dump on the floor in front of the casket.