Memo to GOP: Staging a circus makes you a clown


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Andy Marquis, reporter for, is our guest blogger of the day. He used to consider himself a Republican but not any more.  He changed his voter registration to Independent in 2011 and says that’s how it will remain.

Here’s his latest guest post:

Staging a Circus Makes You a Clown

December 21st won’t mark the end of the world, but it certainly appears it’s marking the beginning of the end of John Boehner’s tenure as Speaker of the House.  On Thursday night, Speaker Boehner had to cancel a circus that he staged.  That circus was H.R. 6684, otherwise known as “Plan B” (or, more appropriately, “Plan BS”).

The Speaker was close to a deal with President Obama to avert the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” before a bizarre “press conference” on Wednesday in which he announced Plan BS, saying he would only raise tax rates on millionaires.  However, CNBC points out the plan cuts the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit, among other things, resulting in a tax increase for the majority of Americans.  The plan would be dead-on-arrival in the Senate if it had passed the House and it most certainly would have met President Obama’s veto pen if it did pass the Senate.

The plan, however, put TEA Party Republicans in a bind.  TEA Party Republicans would have to go against every core principle they preach if they went with Boehner’s plan, raising taxes without cutting spending.  It was bizarre and insane.  Even though it was all political theater, and not meaningful policy, Boehner thought he would get enough Republicans to vote for the plan so he could thump his chest before meeting with the president.

On Thursday night, in a dramatic exhibition of political theater, Boehner was forced to pull his proposal because he could not get enough Republican votes, not to speak of the votes he would not get from Democrats.  So, now, the Republican Party sits more divided than ever and Boehner looks like a clown. 

If you’re going to stage a circus, make sure you look like the promoter and not the ringmaster.  If you’re going to draft a bill with the sole intent of spiting the other party, make sure you have enough votes.  If you’re not sure you have enough votes, don’t go on television and thump your chest.

Boehner didn’t have the votes, he had to pull the bill and Washington, DC sits under a flood advisory due to his tears flooding the Potomac after his epic failure.  Politics should never be this much fun to watch, but it was on Thursday.  The fuse has been lit for the implosion of the Republican Party and, like a demolition derby, it is fun to watch.