Live Streaming Video- NRA Press Conference on Sandy Hook 1145a



I'm still nauseous from that diatribe.

  • Paddy

     I don't have the heart to deal with your bloodlust or wacked out logic, so just Fuck You.

  •  Using that logic, we need armed guards at theaters, stadiums, malls, and any place people can be mass murdered. Not exactly practical or even affordable.

    How about Fort Hood? Plenty of trained gunmen were there, but somehow couldn't stop the massacre.

  • Nauseous? Diatribe? Call yourself a dolt and you MIGHT be able to start waking up to truth.
    Nauseous feelings comes from thinking of the lives lost last friday because we refused to have someone able to meaningfully help our kids and the teachers and stop Lanza.
    Diatribe comes from our fearful leader Obama.
    Since monday, when we take our kids to school, there have been sheriffs on site. A good guy with a gun. What about next week? Next month? If we can't properly train and arm our school faculty then I insist on at least one armed good guy at each of our schools.