Cartoons of the Day- NRA's "Meaningful Contributions"






  • David G

    I'm anti gun - period.  So lets start there.  And the day of the shootings, I sarcastically said it would just be a few minutes until the NRA would be blaming the victims because they didn't have guns to shoot back.  I pointed out genuinely that we need to deal with this issue on multilevels, including providing for more mental health assistance -- one of the first things Reagan did away with in California as Governor and also again as President.  I'm not blaming Reagan -- though he is to blame as much as the rest of us for not demanding we take care of our sick, whether mentally ill or physically so.  No sane person does what these shooters do.  But they couldn't have done the shooting if the guns weren't so readily available and capable of multi-shot clips.  Let's put some sanity back in our system... Stiffle "easy" gun purchases, enforce mental health care availability.  No one may be able to make a sick person see the doctor, but at least if they think they can without going broke or giving up eating for a week to pay for the help, they may seek it out.  There is no one single answer, but there will be less gun violence only when there are less guns...  We were able to go off the gold standard.  Let's get off the gun standard.  DG

  • It would be funny, if it weren't so glaringly true.