"He didn't get his pizza faster, but he did get two bullets in the gut."


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The Trayvon Martin case against George Zimmerman is hinging on Florida's insane Stand Your Ground law. So is the Jordan Davis case. That's the law that justifies killing someone by allowing the defendant to claim he felt his life was in danger, therefore forced to shoot in "self defense."

Here we go again. Via HuffPo:

Randall White ordered a thin-crust veggie pie at a Little Caesars restaurant in St. Petersburg, Fla., on Sunday and complained about the slow service. He didn't get his pizza faster, but he did get two bullets in the gut, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

According to the paper, Michael Jock, another customer, told White to pipe down. That led to shoving, and when White, 49, raised his fist, Jock, 52, allegedly pulled out a legally concealed .38 revolver and shot White in the stomach. The two men wrestled and Jock allegedly shot White again.

Risking or threatening lives over a pizza: Yeah, that's rational.

Tempers aside, fault aside, had it come down to a fist fight, then nobody's stomach would have been blown apart. A gun did that.

The Tampa Bay Times adds this:

He told officers he feared for his life. He mentioned that he thought White had an object in his hand, then backed off that when officers pressed him. Florida's "stand your ground law" says people are not required to retreat before using deadly force.

"We determined it did not reach a level where deadly force was required," Puetz said.

Police arrested Jock on charges of aggravated battery with a weapon and shooting within a building. He was released from jail on $20,000 bail.

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