Chart: Gun groups rate U.S. senators


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Here is a chart of the NRA and Gun Owners of America ratings for all 100 members of the new Senate in 2013, via The Fix. For a rundown of Scott Brown's record, go here (MA-Sen: Scott Brown (R), The Gun Lobby's Favorite Senator). He got $7,000 from Smith and Wesson alone. He may end up back in the Senate, so it's worth a look.

As John Dean tweeted, the "Double Fs looks great." We need to continue to replace Blue Dogs with Progressives, if that's even possible.

Starting next month, more than half the Senate will have served one term or less. And because gun issues haven’t really come up very often in recent years, many of those members have yet to build substantial voting records. That suggests there could be some surprises.

1 Senator State Party NRA Gun Owners
2 Inhofe Okla. R A+ A+
3 Thune S.D. R A+ A+
4 Cruz Texas R A+ A
5 Wicker Miss. R A+ A
6 Chambliss Ga. R A+ A-
7 Crapo Idaho R A+ A-
8 Sessions Ala. R A+ A-
9 Shelby Ala. R A+ A-
10 Hatch Utah R A+ B-
11 Baucus Mont. D A+ D-
12 Boozman Ark. R A A+
13 Coburn Okla. R A A+
14 Vitter La. R A A+
15 Barrasso Wyo. R A A
16 Blunt Mo. R A A
17 Burr N.C. R A A
18 Cornyn Texas R A A
19 Fischer Neb. R A A
20 Flake Ariz. R A A
21 Heller Nev. R A A
22 Hoeven N.D. R A A
23 Johanns Neb. R A A
24 McConnell Ky. R A A
25 Moran Kan. R A A
26 Scott S.C. R A A
27 Cochran Miss. R A A-
28 Enzi Wyo. R A A-
29 Grassley Iowa R A A-
30 Isakson Ga. R A A-
31 Risch Idaho R A A-
32 Roberts Kan. R A A-
33 Toomey Pa. R A A-
34 Ayotte N.H. R A -
35 Murkowski Alaska R A B
36 Portman Ohio R A B
37 Graham S.C. R A B-
38 Alexander Tenn. R A C
39 Corker Tenn. R A C
40 Donnelly Ind. D A C-
41 Heinrich N.M. D A D
42 Manchin W.Va. D A D
43 Casey Pa. D A F
44 T. Johnson S.D. D A F
45 Warner Va. D A F
46 Lee Utah R AQ A
47 Paul Ky. R AQ A
48 Heitkamp N.D. D AQ -
49 R. Johnson Wis. R AQ -
50 Begich Alaska D AQ D
51 Tester Mont. D A- F
52 Rubio Fla. R B+ A
53 McCain Ariz. R B+ C-
54 Reid Nev. D B F-
55 Coats Ind. R C+ C
56 Collins Maine R C+ D-
57 Bennet Colo. D C+ F-
58 Landrieu La. D C F
59 Leahy Vt. D C F
60 M. Udall Colo. D C F
61 Pryor Ark. D C- F
62 T. Udall N.M. D C- F
63 Rockefeller W.Va. D D F
64 Sanders Vt. I D- F
65 Coons Del. D F D
66 Baldwin Wis. D F F
67 Brown Ohio D F F
68 Cantwell Wash. D F F
69 Franken Minn. D F F
70 Hagan N.C. D F F
71 Harkin Iowa D F F
72 Hirono Hawaii D F F
73 Inouye Hawaii D F F
74 Kaine Va. D F F
75 Klobuchar Minn. D F F
76 McCaskill Mo. D F F
77 Merkley Ore. D F F
78 Murray Wash. D F F
79 Nelson Fla. D F F
80 Shaheen N.H. D F F
81 Stabenow Mich. D F F
82 Warren Mass. D F F
83 Blumenthal Conn. D F F-
84 Boxer Calif. D F F-
85 Cardin Md. D F F-
86 Carper Del. D F F-
87 Durbin Ill. D F F-
88 Feinstein Calif. D F F-
89 Gillibrand N.Y. D F F-
90 Kerry Mass. D F F-
91 Kirk Ill. R F F-
92 Lautenberg N.J. D F F-
93 Levin Mich. D F F-
94 Menendez N.J. D F F-
95 Mikulski Md. D F F-
96 Murphy Conn. D F F-
97 Reed R.I. D F F-
98 Schumer N.Y. D F F-
99 Whitehouse R.I. D F F-
100 Wyden Ore. D F F-
101 King Maine I - -