After "Right to Work", Michigan Snyder's Popularity Plummets



And he's trailling badly behind ever possible future Democratic opponent.

Just last month when we took a first look at the 2014 landscape we talked about how much Rick Snyder had improved his popularity during his second year in office and how he led a generic Democrat for reelection by 6 points, even as Barack Obama won the state comfortably.

Last week he threw all that out the window.

We now find Snyder as one of the most unpopular Governors in the country. Only 38% of voters approve of him to 56% who disapprove. There are only 2 other sitting Governors we've polled on who have a worse net approval rating than Snyder's -18. He's dropped a net 28 points from our last poll on him, the weekend before the election, when he was at a +10 spread (47/37).

There's not much doubt that it's the right to work law and his embrace of other actions by the Republican legislature that are driving this precipitous drop in Snyder's popularity. Only 41% of voters in the state support the right to work legislation, while 51% are opposed to it. If voters got to decide the issue directly only 40% of them say they would vote to keep the law enacted, while 49% would vote to overturn it. This comes on the heels of voters overturning Snyder's signature emergency managers law last month. The simple reality is that Michigan voters like unions- 52% have a favorable opinion of them to only 33% with a negative one.

  • Did you see this business about the plan to apportion the states presidential votes by congressional district?   disgusting!!

  • kimbutgar

    He doesn't have to worry though about being re-elected because him and his right wing republicans in the legislature will make sure all those Democratic voters (brown people) in the urban areas won't be able to vote.  I predict he will totally have Michigan in a lock down situation where you can never vote republicans out of office. Watch it's going to happen, now they got the power they are going to go even farther with it. I no longer put anything past these gangsters of politics anymore. They will destroy the country to get what they want. 

  • You know as well as I do that these state Republican Parties are gonna get a payback from HELL in the next election they face.Unless the voting public is completely brain dead,the GOP will be voted out so fast that it will scare even the most rabid Teanderthal.