VIDEO: CO background check submissions for guns break all records. "Gun manufacturers profit off of mass violence."



The Denver Post is reporting that, per the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, there's been a new record set for single-day background check submissions with requests to buy guns jumping to more than 4,200 on the day after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre:

The surge following the massacre was so massive it overwhelmed the system, Medina said. So many background checks were submitted the process that normally usually takes minutes turned into wait times of more than 12 hours. [...]

Saturday morning the wait time on a check was a little more than 15 minutes. By Sunday, it was 18 hours, Medina said.

And by Monday, the wait times increased to about 19 hours. Let's hope whoever checks all these backgrounds is thorough.

So are they afraid of more massacres or of that evil Kenyan in the White House who will take their guns away? And by take their guns away, I mean supports reasonable and responsible deadly weapons regulation to prevent more needless deaths.

As Gawker points out in this must-read article, "gun manufacturers profit off of mass violence in America. See for yourself." Yes, they make a bundle, they get rich while contributing to efforts to kill people. How's that for "pro life" family values, hmm?

Maybe that's why Gun Safety Advocates Protest At NRA Offices: ‘End The Murder’ ‘Stop The NRA’:

You can demand a plan to end gun violence here.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chair and New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was joined today by survivors and family members of victims of gun violence to release personal videos demanding that elected officials in Washington D.C. take immediate action to reduce gun violence in America. The videos can be viewed at