The Heart of Darkness: The River of America's Violence Runs Through Newtown


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash, via my pal Mark Karlin:

In front of me on my desk is a March 9, 1992, copy of Newsweek. The cover photograph shows a student who had been shot being rushed to emergency care underneath the headline, "Kids and Guns: A Report From America's Classroom Killing Grounds." [...]

That was more than 20 years ago, but nothing really has changed... In those 20 years, more United States citizens have been killed with guns to the point that the death toll on 9/11 looks like a footnote in the annals of murder.

There was an assault weapons ban for 10 years, but the NRA made sure that it was phased out during the Bush administration. [...]

As a nation, we have historically always been in search of killing the "enemy": Native-Americans, Mexicans, Blacks, "geeks" in Vietnam, drone killings of civilians in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It's an endless list.  It's a list of the "other," a list of anyone an angry male has a grievance against.  In the last few years, more than a few Tea Party members have advocated armed revolt and killing of "liberals."  [...]

We glorify the violence of "how the West was won." We cheer for lone gun men in movies who mow down mobs of bad guys. Our teens wallow in the murder and mayhem of video games.

Most of all we see the rabid hatred that leads to violence in the faces and bilious statements of the gun guys who fear the government, who fear a non-white majority, who fear just about anything that psychologically threatens their male prerogatives and sense of manhood.

And then we hear from the hunters, but there's virtually no one whom I have known who wants to take away hunting rifles.  [...]

Nations create their own destinies. The United States expanded to the West via a right to violence based on a sense of entitlement.

We need to accept that, as a nation, we need to end our destructive love affair with the power to decide who shall live and who shall die.

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