Poll-itics: 54% of Americans now favor stricter gun control laws, a five-year high


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Per an ABC News/Washington Post poll, 54% of Americans favor stricter gun control laws, numerically a five-year high. 59% support a ban specifically on high-capacity ammunition clips. 52% favor banning semi-automatic handguns.


More than half of Americans say the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, reflect broader problems in society rather than an isolated act of a troubled person – more than after other recent shooting incidents, suggesting the possibility of a new national dialogue on violent crime.

It should be more than a mere "possibility," but okay.

Via Smirking Chimp

Via Smirking Chimp

  •  No prob to ask for ID to vote if they're made available for free and are easily accessible. Also, you might want to check your facts about voter fraud. It is practically non-existent.

    Nice try.

  • Troy Sholtis

    ...and you don't think you should need an ID to vote???  How many times should you be allowed to vote?  Should I be allowed to vote for other people?  I should just order absentee ballots for all me friends that aren't going to vote and cast some votes for them? Can you say fraud? Oh, I see... that's what you want... I know which way you vote... 'nuff said.


    Not only should it be as regulated as Sudafed, someone over at PoliticusUSA had the idea that liability insurance should be required for those who purchase ammo.

    I agree.  The teabagging gun-nuts won't like it -- but, these are the same people who think ID should be required to vote, saying "you need ID to get on an airplane or buy Sudafed" . . .