L.A. man arrested after threatening to shoot up elementary schools


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Via an email alert from the L.A. Times:

A Los Angeles man has been arrested in connection with a Facebook post that threatened to conduct shootings at multiple area elementary schools, sources familiar with the investigation said today.

Several weapons were seized at the man's northeast Los Angeles home during the arrest on Sunday, police said.

Also, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced on Sunday that police will begin daily dedicated patrols of Los Angeles schools to protect against potential shooters when classes resume after winter break in January.

For the latest information go to www.latimes.com.

And so it goes...

  • cognachas4paws

    Rahm has stationed police officers at all the schools in Chicago, too.  I know in the suburb my sister teaches at and the one where my other sister works (she's not a teacher but is near an elementary and a high school) that as soon as it happened Friday, the police were doing constant patrols by all the schools; I asked if they were still doing that and both said yes.

    This is sad.  I like that the police are out there doing the patrols and are at the schools in the city (where they have a lot of gun violence to begin with) - it's just sad that it has to happen at all.

  • David G

    This is so scary and sad... We hunger for the news, yet we propagate copycats...  Maybe Xmas break will cool some of these disturbed people down -- at least take away some of their target areas...  So sad.  We have to  help the disturbed...and that's not by cutting back health care.  DG