Video- Birther Rep Louis Gohmert Solves the Problem!: Arm Teachers with Assault Rifles


I really want to kick this shit for brains right in his brain area. Via TP.

  • bpollen

    It's always good to arm teachers with assault weapons in case of a crazy gunman because, as we all know, the walls in schools are all of heavy stone and are entirely bulletproof.  Same with the doors...  And all female grade-school principals and teachers train with SWAT and are crack shots.  

    Or we could set up a system to react to a school-shooter by following the Russian example where they gassed a theater held by terrorists with Fentanyl...  That worked SO well for them.

  • Dennis

    You won't be able to kick him there he doesn't have brain area. It can be found in the same place where they located the Akin lady shut down parts: at an undisclosed location which houses Dick Cheney. Any shooting condition only becomes more chaotic with more weapons present, when will this thinking be expunged from public discourse?

  • Paul W

    Which if I am not mistaken is in the vicinity of his crotch.  Wear the pointy-toe pumps. ;>

  • mellowjohn

    great. we had to go on strike in chicago last fall to get a raise. they deride us as "union thugs." i have to buy all the pencils, erasers, writing paper, copy paper, printer cartridges, chalk, tape, glue, art supplies, etc., etc., etc. for my classroom, but loonie louie's gonna give me a gun.
    as charlie pierce might say, "the irony, she smacks my gob!"