GOP Senate aide: "Opposing Susan Rice is a way to score points, even though it's a sideshow."


the truth comes out

Doyle McManus has an op-ed in today's L.A. Times about Susan Rice being targeted by Republicans until she felt she was becoming a distraction and withdrew her name from consideration to be the next Secretary of State. She didn't want time and energy to be spent on a bitter confirmation battle at the expense of other priorities on the president's agenda, like immigration reform.

He goes on in some detail about John McCain's role, the Benghazi excuse, and more, but this is the part that caught my eye:

A Republican Senate aide spelled out the situation for me more clearly, on condition he not be identified. "Voting for higher taxes is a tough vote," he said. "Opposing Susan Rice is a way to score points, even though it's a sideshow."

And there you have it. A moment of truth and repugnance all rolled into one big,  shameless, politicizing, obstructionist Ball of GOP.

  • McCain will now be synonimous with the rediculous. Whatever respect we laid upon him for being shot down and held for 5 years has been negated. This is not the way true Heros conduct themselves if they truly respect their flag and country. He know his attacks upon Susan Rice were totally unfounded, but still stooped into the depths to smear her impeccable reputation, He lost, even though she was big enough to put "Country First" to remove her name from consideration and John couldn't live up to his own Mantra. Retire John, we're sick at the very sight of you!

  • Yep...and FOX thought it was OK to blurt out "as they happen" points about the Newport killings not knowing if everything was Kosher......but to report "what is happening as we know it" about Benghazi....well, that's Obama lying, Rice bending the facts...and general coverup. Damn hypocrites!!!!

  • John McCain has gone beyond the pale ;D