President Obama Officially the Biggest Fundraiser Ever


Did anyone doubt they could do it? OFA was a well oiled machine.

The final financial documents of the 2012 campaign cement a place in history for the election as a whole as well as its biggest fundraiser, President Barack Obama.

The 2012 election's $6 billion price tag is officially the most ever spent, and President Barack Obama is officially the biggest fundraiser in the modern history of American politics, the Federal Election Commission filings show.

Obama's official fundraising apparatus raised about $1.2 billion in the 2012 cycle, and his personal campaign committee pulled in about $730 million of that (the rest was raised in conjunction with the Democratic party), according to filings. Including his 2008 haul of $778 million and his congressional campaigns before that, Obama has raised $1.5 billion as a federal candidate.

In just two presidential runs, Obama has outraised the four previous Republican presidential nominees combined.