VIDEO-- Grover Norquist: Pres. Obama "may decide to go blow up small countries he can’t pronounce"


This is the second time Norquist has used the term "short leash" regarding the president: VIDEO– Grover Norquist: GOP “can have [Obama] on a rather short leash. Here’s your allowance… come back if you behave.”  Unlike his last little racist dig, this time he caught himself.

"We got lots of things Obama claims to be for, and we will make — we, the Republicans in the House and Senate — will make him actually make those spending restraints, in order to get the continuing resolution out a week, two weeks, a month. Obama will be on a very short leash, fiscally speaking, over the next four years. He’s not gonna have any fun at all. He may decide to go blow up small countries he can’t pronounce because it won’t be any fun to be here, because he won’t be able to spend the kind of cash he was hoping to."

Grovie is such a panic, isn't he? Or to put it another way:

Seriously, what a condescending, self-important ass.

Via Think Progress:

It is noteworthy that Norquist says “we” when referring to the Congressional Republicans. This would seem to conflict with his group’s frequent claim that it is a “a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases.” And it seems to ignore the 50 Congressional Republicans who have already distanced themselves from his ironclad oath.

  • Nut Job Norquist is worried about keeping O on a short leash so he can't destroy countries he can't pronounce, and totally forgot George W Bush invading the wrong country and then saying at the onset of insurrection in Iraq between the Sunni, Kurds and Sihks "I thought they was all Muslims" The GOP let him spend us into recession and not a word, and now, like spoiled children don't want to pay for it. This applies to the Debt Ceiling as well. raising the Debt Ceiling allows payment for money the Congress already spent. It doesn't give the president a Blank Check to spend money as the president doesn't control the budget, the Congress does. They continue to lie, pontificate, and posture about things which they know nothing. Akin expounding on Rape, Romney on additional tax breaks for the "Job Creators" (Where are the jobs?), Ryan on his plan being 'Revenue Neutral" economists all said the numbers wouldn't work and he would blow up the deficit or decimate the middle class, which is why he smiled and said it was too complicated for us to understand. Bullshit. Get smart people, read all you can about these issues because they will lie to you with no compunction. It's up to you whether or not we allow ourselves to be lead like sheep to be slaughtered or stand up for the rights guaranteed us by the Constitution the GOP claims to hold Sacred. Vote the Bastards Out in 2014. "Shrink Norquist's influence on our legislators so we can fit it in a bath tub and drown it."  Corporations will not run this country, but it's up to you to sedcure a decent future for your children and grandchildren.

  • Two questions:

    1. Why is this asshole still talking?
    2. Why is ANYBODY listening to him?