If this Democratic source is correct, the GOP is even more tone deaf than we thought


Mitt Romney famously said, “It would be helpful to be Latino.”

And Bobby Jindal said, “If we want people to like us, we have to like them first.”

Karl Rove's advice to his fellow Republicans was just don’t *sound* intolerant. It's the language, see, not the policies. Sounding judgmental will lose you votes. Acting that way is still the way to go, apparently.

In other words, lip service, not introspection and attitude evolution, is the answer. They are certainly not the party of big ideas and change they claim to be. They're stuck in their own Neanderthal mud, whether it's about gay rights, women's rights, civil rights, voting rights, you name it. And yet they're shocked-- shocked!-- that they lost so badly in the November elections.

In fact, if the following report is accurate, and unless Boehner was intentionally offering up the most unrealistic proposal he could think of, they're straight up, whacked-out, ridiculously tone deaf, especially in light of all the polls:

Washington (CNN) – One of the reasons Tuesday night's conversation between President Barack Obama and John Boehner did not go well was because the GOP House speaker sent the White House a fiscal cliff proposal calling for a permanent extension of Bush-era tax cuts for all Americans, including for incomes in the top 2%, a Democratic source said Wednesday.