Video- Fox's Bolling: Weaker Unions "May Be Actually One Of The Best Things That Could Happen" To Michigan


Via MM.

  • All the unions took severe cuts during the bailout. These asswipes are paid to misrepresent the truth. Let's compare the ability to live a decent life working for a union shop as opposed to a non union shop. Union workers always receive more, because they deserve it and now have a collective voice. One worker has no power, together we have a voice. Unions "Now More Than Ever".

  • Nah -- home schooled . . .

  • they were evicted

  • David G

    Why don't they ask Bolling and the other jaw flappers at Fox if they're are getting benefits from NABET and AFRTRA, their unions.  Their insurance doesn't come from Fox.  It comes from their unions who negotiated on their behalf.  DG  

  • cognachas4paws

    The idiocy displayed by Bolling and the rest of the Fox News imbeciles just astounds me.  How on earth did they ever get out of high school?