Monday Links


Blast from the past, Clancy Candy!

Before she was famous... The 1940s pin-up shots that earned Marilyn Monroe $10 an hour and put her on the path to stardom

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Good grief! Detailed new love letters reveal the extramarital love affair between 'Peanuts' creator Charles 'Sparky' Schulz and his much younger mistress

Translating plutocrat economic campaign-speak into plain English

Video- Divers rescue trapped whale shark in Mexico

Stubborn US drought could be costlier than hurricane Sandy

A good excuse for a tea break! The chair that sounds an alarm to stop office workers risking their health by sitting all day

This Week in Sinister Evolutionary Leaps

Pioneering breast cancer treatment freezes tumours into a ball of ice which kills harmful tissue

The 19 Most Powerful Images of 2012

That's hen-tertainment! Pin-up calendar for hens featuring ruffled roosters and cool cockerels meant to improve egg quality

Slow shopper? Avoid these stores.