VIDEO-- Newt Gingrich on possible 2016 run: "One never knows."


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On Meet the Press, Newtie popped out with another 2016 tease:

Bob Woodward:

"Maybe you can try again." (a run for president)

Newt Gingrich:

"I doubt that, but one never knows."


At the end of November, Gingrich told a crowd at a book signing in Florida he had "no idea" whether he would run again in 2016.

Oh please run, we already have such a huge backlog of information we can re-issue, and think of the priceless quotes and antics we could collect between now and the next presidential election. It's too easy.

Would the GOP's reliable old standby Sheldon Adelson, should he still be around in '16, pop for a few hundred million on Leroy Newton Gingrich's behalf?

And speaking of the Shelster, Got “Sheldonfreude”? Think again. Super PACs are still a threat.

If you can stomach it, here is the entire MTP segment:

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"If their competitor in '16 is going to be Hillary Clinton, supported by Bill Clinton and presumably a still relatively popular President Barack Obama, trying to win that will be truly the Super Bowl. And the Republican Party today is incapable of competing at that level."