Sunday Links


Why do toothaches never start until Friday night?

Puts our Christmas lights to shame: Mesmerising forest of solar-powered trees dazzle in the Singapore night sky

1947 report of UFOs circling Mount Rainier reenacted for the Travel Channel

London calling: From Battersea Power Station to a bird's-eye view of the Thames... award-winning photos of the capital

Cool space-saving kid rooms

Pictured: Dramatic moment huge chunk of Jurassic coastline crashes 100ft on to beach after heavy rainfall

X-Wing fighter made from beer-cans

Björn Borg in 'nude' underwear video shocker

NORAD ready to track that jolly old elf, Santa, with website and apps

What are the odds? New study shows how guessing heads or tails isn't really a 50-50 game

Detroit City Is the Place to Be

New airport dating site connects passengers before they fly... but beware members who admit they're married

8 gifts for your favorite literature lover

Video- Rocky Flats: Life in the shadow of a nuclear bomb factory

Price of a vacation on the moon? $1.5 billion.

Welcome to the Hotel of Doom: The 3,000 room monstrosity in Kim Jong-Un's starving dictatorship no foreigner has stepped inside... until now

The worst things for sale

Is infidelity written all over a man’s face? Angular jaw, square chin and prominent brow suggest man is prone to cheating

And the best videogame of the last 10 years is...