Hypocrisy alert: WI Gov. Scott Walker's son used same-day voter registration in GOP primary


Wisconsin county clerks said this to Gov. Scott Walker: “There’s no way we’d be in favor” of eliminating same-day voter registration. They said that because Walker rationalized his latest voter suppression fantasy of doing away with same-day registration by declaring that life would be easier for election clerks.

Isn't that just like Scotty? Always thinking of others.

Then he backed off his original remarks.

But shortly after Walker spoke, Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) said he and Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) were writing a bill to end election-day registration.

When he spoke to reporters Wednesday, Walker said he still backed ending election-day registration but said his opponents were getting carried away with the issue because he was not pursuing it.

So he did back it, but he then he didn't, not really, but his supporters do, and he still does, too.

He's just not "pursuing" it, see. Even though he backs it. But didn't. But does.

Got that?

Now get this... Via JSOnline:

Although he has signaled opposition to same-day voter registration, Gov. Scott Walker accompanied his college-age son to a Wauwatosa polling place to register and vote on Aug. 14 - the day of the GOP Senate primary.

  • BryanCooper

    Who knew? Apparently, we need a NRVA - National Right to Vote Association - to protect our right to vote.  We need to follow the NRA model - single issue, rabid members, lots of noise, lots of money - all to protect EVERYONE's right to vote!

  • John

    Tea baggers have a lock on this daily award!

  • Charles Jensen

    Hey, that was a primary election. What harm could be done to his party by his son. Maybe all registrations after his son's would be made illegal. That would keep the benefit in the family.

  • Jane Hawes

    Hey, it's okay for his kid - just not for the rest of us!

  • cognachas4paws

    Hypocrisy on steroids.