And here we go: Democrats warm to Medicare means testing that Ted Kennedy opposed


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As you can see from the very short video clip above, it only took Chris Hayes 20 seconds to make this point:

"Universal pay-in and universal benefit... the thing that is long term sustainable."

Bingo. The whole point is that we all contribute and we all gain.

With that in mind, there is this troubling report from The Hill:

Democrats in Congress are changing their tune on means testing in Medicare, an idea the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) resisted for decades.

Leading Democratic lawmakers have suggested that raising premiums for wealthy Medicare beneficiaries could be a matter of common ground with Republicans in the ongoing deficit-reduction talks.


Kennedy threatened to filibuster the prescription drug law after a means-testing amendment passed the Senate:

At the time, Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), argued that means testing in Medicare would kill the program's promise of equal care at equal charge. [...]

President Obama... proposed raising Medicare premiums for wealthy seniors in his budget and during the 2011 debt-ceiling negotiations.

Oh great. AARP disagrees:

"Applying a means test for their earned benefits would erode the popular support that has sustained these programs for years and made them so effective in helping older households."

Once again, instead of messing with a good thing, why aren’t we talking about a Wall St. transaction tax and much, much more?