Friday Links


A lichtigin Chanukah! Chanukah starts at dark tonight. I am corrected, Chanukah starts tomorrow at dusk.

Fused glass trilobite menorah

The TV box that can detect when you're cuddling on the sofa and show you an advert for condoms

15 best books of 2012 – nonfiction

Masked gunmen, red-faced baboons and a man in a skeleton suit riding a mobility scooter... The odd slices of life Google's Street View vans saw on their travels around the world

KaomojiApp makes crazy text emoticons easy

The pea souper that killed 12,000: How the Great Smog choked London 60 years ago this week

Texas Nationalist Movement Claims Membership Has Skyrocketed 400 Percent

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson: The man who made clouds

Shape-Shifting Lizard Skin Cream

Two decades later, Central Park Jogger rape case lives on

62 percent of U.S. women use contraception

Video- It's OK to Do Stuff: rude and funny parody of Free To Be You and Me

Study: The perfect lie may be possible

New 'green bean' galaxies glow green