Wingnut Heads Explode- The White House Holiday Card


NO BABY JEEBUS? NO NATIVITY, STAR OF BETHLEHEM? Wonder what kind of wingnut code they'll come up with to demonize this? Oy. Go read the story behind the card, it's nice.

  • It's beautiful, unique, and enchantingly suggestive.

  • cognachas4paws

    I think this is a beautiful card.  To me, it captures the whole season, not just Christmas day.

  • Gindy51

    Mine is on the mantle, the only one that is. The rest are in the computer room and I think I will be framing my WH 2012 card to boot.

  • majii

    I received my Christmas card from the WH yesterday, and I'm enjoying it.  I haven't devoted one second to wondering what the wingnuts think.  It's already a given that if it comes from this WH, they will react negatively.

  • Hark the herald Bo sings...