Michigan's big extreme anti-union, abortion restriction day



I'm here in Michigan, standing at the corner of One Party Rule and War on Civil Rights.

King Rick Snyder of Michigan of “strong medicine, financial martial law” and radical assault on Michigan's working families fame is also waging a fierce war on women. Think Progress is reporting that state lawmakers are likely to "revive an omnibus anti-abortion bill that sparked widespread protests after it passed the House this summer, in addition to a host of other restrictive abortion legislation they hope to force through the current lame duck session."

Because under Snyder, government hasn't been intrusive enough.

The state senate may consider multiple anti-abortion bills that aim to:

1) Regulate abortion clinics out of existence.

2) Limit abortion access for women in rural areas

3) Impose further guidelines for the disposal of fetal remains (treat them in the exact same manner as dead bodies).

4) Prevent private insurance companies from covering any abortion services.

5) Allow doctors to refuse to perform abortion services because of their personal beliefs.

More details at the link.

Republicans love to demand small government and whine and moan about Democratic overreach. Welcome to Hypocrisyville.