VIDEO-- Bob Costas responds to Fox News attacks: "Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"


Via Media Matters, from the December 4 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Dan Patrick Show, where Bob Costas demonstrated (again) that he's a whole lot smarter than those on ClusterFox.

Re: Using the platform of a football game to discuss the murder-suicide by NFL player Jovan Belcher:

"If someone agreed with what I said, they would have no objection to where and when I said it."

"Sometimes the quality of the thinking of those who oppose you speaks for itself."

"Some people don't agree with what they THINK I was saying, and therefore, it would be okay if I was booted off the air... Yeah, let's fire everybody we disagree with. It's beyond absurd!"

Here's the back story Video- Fox & Friends Responds To NFL Player’s Murder-Suicide By Attacking Bob Costas For Discussing U.S. “Gun Culture”

By the way, is it time to have that conversation about responsible firearm regulation and closing gun show loopholes yet?

  • "We can't blame Bob Costas... we need to blame his microphone for the words he used."
    [I] don't blame his microphone. That would be like blaming guns for the actions of a violent individual. 
    No, clearly Costas' actions are the result of a chronic, volatile mix of prescription drugs and alcohol and lack of self control.

  • Apparently not.