Republicans lashing out at Republicans... again


Hey boys and girls! It's time for another episode of "Republicans Eating Their Own"! Who wants popcorn?

First Read:

A pair of House Republicans stripped of their plum committee assignments lashed out Tuesday at the GOP leadership, suggesting they were punished for insisting on fealty to conservative principles.

Reps. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., and Justin Amash, R-Mich., huddled with conservatives after the Republican Steering Committee removed them from their seats on the House Budget Committee.

Not only are they whining and fretting about being punished (or as Amash put it, "silenced"), but they're also wringing their conservative hands with increasing angst at the prospect of GOP leaders cutting a deal with President Obama that would eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the top 2%, among other things.

Gosh, making the wealthiest among us pay taxes at Clinton era rates would be horrible! great!

But poor Amash haz a sad:

"I've received not a single call from anyone in leadership, not a single email," Amash said. "I've been not told about what committees I will be on."

He sounds a little pouty, like a jilted lover. Maybe he needs a "Me" day at the spa.

And this video by is the reason, he believes, he got dumped: