Quickie- U.S. Economic Confidence in November Best in Four Years


Always nice to see.

PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans' economic confidence was better in November than in any month since Gallup began tracking confidence daily in January 2008. The -13 Economic Confidence Index score surpasses the previous bests of -17 from October and May of this year. The index, which began at -32 in January 2008 as the recession was taking hold, had been -20 or lower until May.

The higher November economic confidence scores were helped by a -10 in the week leading into the Nov. 6 election, the best weekly average to date in Gallup tracking. But confidence was generally stable throughout the month, with the weekly averages in November ranging from -10 to -15. Confidence has remained relatively stable even as the "fiscal cliff's" major tax increases and spending cuts loom unless the government can come to an agreement in the coming weeks.

  • David G

    Let's see how the Republicans spin this so that they can claim credit for this.  DG