Poll-itics: More would blame GOP than President Obama if fiscal crossroads talks fail


WaPo-Pew poll

Washington (CNN) - A second national poll indicates more Americans would blame Congressional Republicans than President Barack Obama if negotiations to keep the country from falling off the "fiscal cliff" fail.

Check out that number: If there's no deal,  53% would blame Republicans. And according to the poll, 52% of independent voters would also say it was the GOP's fault, but only 21% would lay it on the president.

They got it right. After all, when you have conservatives like Senator Jim DeMint saying government doesn't need additional revenues, who else is there to blame but the GOP?

  • DarkSyn

     If nothing else, they are consistent.

  • r_dale

    There's that 27% again, the dead-enders who would watch Roger Ailes kill, eat, and devour a baby live on Fox and then blame it on President Obama.

  • Headin' fer the cliff...protecting those who need it least...a bunch of morans (<~~intentional misspelling, just sayin')!