Audio- Rush Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood "Is All About The Elimination Of Black Families"


Ugh. Via.

  • cognachas4paws

    Oh, so now he cares about the African American community?  Please.  He repeats these lies over and over again; it's getting old.  I'm also getting tired of all the attacks on Planned Parenthood because they do an enormous amount for people who cannot afford regular doctor visits - including visits for children and men.  Without those clinics, a lot of people would be without care at all.

    Guess that wouldn't upset the fright wing now that I think about it.

  • As an African American, I just wanna say how HAPPY I am that Limpballs is SOOO concerned about the needs of the AA community.

    Please -- this is the same fat, drug-addicted clown who referred to the First Lady as "the First Linebacker" and "Moochelle Obama", and regularly calls the President "an incompetent man-child" . . .

  • Oh for the love of...what an asshole he is.