VIDEO-- Teacher takes on ALEC: "This organization has no legal authority to make such policies."


Sabrina (@TeacherSabrina):

"I have a huge problem with how this process works."

Mr. ALEC Condescension:

"Miss, I don't think you understand the process here at all."


"This organization has no legal authority to make such policies. And that's all I have to say. Thank you for time."

"Miss" Sabrina kicked 'em where it hurts.

Cool graphic here.


On November 30, 2012, I had the rare and deeply disturbing experience of witnessing part of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Education Task Force meeting: a closed-door policy-shaping session open only to the state legislators who help to pass them, the corporate lobbyists who pay big money to shape and sponsor them-- and scrappy activists like me, who are no longer willing to cede our policy-making processes to unaccountable, undemocratic organizations who hide from the people their decisions ultimately affect. Here's me speaking from my heart as a teacher driven from the classroom into activism by destructive policies like theirs. I'll have more words and information soon.

In case you had forgotten, ALEC  (American Legislative Exchange Council) is an organization of state legislators which favors federalism and conservative public policy solutions. They literally write legislation for Republican Congress members, who then do whatever they can to pass it. The Nation:

Of all the Kochs’ investments in right-wing organizations, ALEC provides some of the best returns: it gives the Kochs a way to make their brand of free-market fundamentalism legally binding.