For whom the shills troll



The tweet you see above is pretty typical of the responses I get from conservative troll accounts on Twitter, ones that usually have no followers, or at most a handful, like this one:

However, others belong to authentic right wing accounts, often ones that include words like "freedom," "Blessed by the Almighty Creator of the Universe," and "Small Government" in their profile bios. They initiate the exchanges (such as they are), appearing suddenly, uninvited, and seem to swarm when they feel threatened by good Obama news, or when they feel the need to defend the latest gibberish from the GOP.

Today they came out in droves, several in the space of only a few minutes, right after some of us tweeted replies to the president's Twitter Q and A, using the hashtag #My2K. Following that was the Republican counter offer to the President Obama's tax plan, the one he's been campaigning on for the past couple of years. Details of that are here: GOP waaahmbulance alert: President Obama’s bully pulpit is no fair! GOP has “fiscal cliff” counter offer.

Note to trolls, from @MiltShook: Social Security and Medicare are NOT part of the general fund, have NOTHING to do with "fiscal cliff."

But enough about reality.

Here are some of the talking points, er, Twitter responses that I wanted to share with you, because 1) I found them amusing, and 2) their tone and content are what many of us have become accustomed to day in and day out. And yes, I blocked them all:








Note: This one from the same account wasn't tweeted to me, but I noticed it in her stream:


@gottalaff  top 10% pay 70% of tax burden. How much do you want them to pay? We need taxpayers not more taxes.

@gottalaff President also wants ability to raise debt limit w/out Congress. OVERREACH.

@gottalaff "working people" have seen increase in gas, food, utilities. less take home pay. You are being sold a bill of goods.

-- Jean Hall  (@JeanHalljgh) December 3, 2012

This account's stream included a tweet to President Obama with a "you're a nincompoop" message. That's what they're reduced to:

@gottalaff @richardtrumka Yeah Mr. President, shift the costs of your social programs to the non-working, non- income, non-producing people

— Dennis Miller (@millerpost) December 3, 2012


@bgilson1212 @gottalaff @richardtrumka Will ya look at that. #My2K has the union clowns jumping on the train to raise taxes & cut nothing.

— Wilbs999 (@Wilbs999) December 3, 2012

But then along comes someone like this to compensate for all the insanity: