Video- Forbes' Tamny Suggests People Who Want To Use Social Security And Medicare Are "Congenitally Socialist"


Damn, that's alot of Socialists! Via.

  • GOP must place what they think is a Negative label on things to frighten the ignorant. Socialist is one of them. Look at Europe, Free Healthcare, Free College in Finland and no one's rights are being attacked like they are here by this party of Charlatans.

  • mellowjohn

    i've called myself a social democrat since college and i get my first social security check later this month.

  • mitchellfreedman

    I hope this becomes the new right wing theme:  It might actually work to restore positive feelings about the word "socialist."  I gave up awhile ago on "progressive" and decided "liberal" was going to stage a comeback.  I think that is on track, but I am really rooting for "socialist" to return to our political lexicon as at least a neutral or helpful term in moving public policy forward to help people.