Sunday Links


Thought you could use a little warming up on the second official day of winter. Supposed to be almost 60 here, very unusual.

Orchid growers share their passion and obsession for the finicky flowers

Fry-ups, hair-of-the-dog, a bedtime kebab and other MYTHICAL hangover cures (plus the world's weirdest remedies to road test during Christmas party season)

Video- Terrifying ghost-elevator prank (damn near sadistic)

Thirty years after being 'freed', Texas man still waiting for his freedom

Study: Distant dwarf planet has no atmosphere

Cold and stark, the images of Berlin's former Stasi prison that was once the scene of unimaginable horrors

TED Talks: 1,400 videos designed to give you an "aha!" moment

Amazon deforestation 'at record low'

Video games really are art, MoMA says

Boys can play too! How gender-neutral dollhouses are finally catching on with mass toy retailers

Video- An explanation of the physiology and health benefits of morning wood

9 months in 1,000 photographs: Stop motion video creates a detailed record of one woman's journey through pregnancy

Real Pop Stars Have Curves

'It looks like cotton candy made of p***': Magician Penn Jillette blasts Donald Trump - and his hair - in new book