PhotOH! The GOP to-do list


Above is the Republican to-do list (provided by someone with a photo editing program and an understanding of today's political climate). Sure brings out the ol' holiday spirit, doesn't it? Do you feel the warmth yet?

Are you inspired when you think of a vanishing middle class, no help for those at and below the poverty level, the sick and elderly losing what's left of their health, welfare, and dignity? And how about those civil rights? Hey, are you from another country? Then you're icky! (Unless you'll do our dirty work for nearly nothing) Need an education? Just ask the folks to fork over all that cash they don't have! Wanna vote? Too bad! Not a white male? Go sit over there... way over there.

Are you feeling the love yet? The family values? How about that "pro-life" compassion for those who are already, you know, living? Hmm?

Here's the Democratic to-do list. Compare and contrast:

  1. Win the presidential election. ✔
  2. Retain Senate majority. ✔
  3. Add seats to House of Representatives. ✔
  4. And this stuff. ✔