Saturday Links


Never smooth sailing.

Here are the best pictures of the year (let's just hope nothing happens in December!)

Search engine for the full text and descriptions of every Calvin and Hobbes script

Meat and two veg: Shopper finds suggestive supermarket carrot that looks like a, er, well...

Divorce rising among couples over age 50, raising new money concerns

Pictured: The colossal cap being lowered over exploded nuclear reactor to protect the world from Chernobyl's crumbling tomb

'Bigfoot' is part human, claims study based on purported Sasquatch DNA

Video- Jimi Hendrix Fender Strat guitar to be auctioned

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day is celebrated at stores around the world

Norway's rakfisk: Is this the world's smelliest fish?

Russell Brand interviews two members of the Westboro Baptist Church