GOP activists gunning for party Chairman Reince Priebus, planning protests


Watching Republicans these days is a like watching scenes from an old Three Stooges movie that look a little something like this:

Because of their inability to accept big losses in the November elections, Republicans have been pointing fingers at everyone but each other; they blame President Obama for anything and everything as they continue to obstruct and concoct insane conspiracy theories to compensate for their own ineptitude and failures, continuing to look like the fools they are.

Short version: Dealing with reality is not among their skill sets. Wait. That implies they have skill sets.

So once again, we find ourselves in the midst of another episode of Republicans Eating Their Own. Today's entrée is Reince Priebus.

Via the Washington Times:

A postelection civil war is brewing among Republicans, with some conservative activists angry over the party’s poor performance this cycle gunning for party Chairman Reince Priebus and planning demonstrations at the Republican National Committee’s annual winter meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

The protesting activists adamantly oppose the re-election of Mr. Priebus to a second two-year term and say they have a suitcase full of gripes about him. Some are blaming Mr. Priebus and other top party officials for the misspending of GOP donors’ money in President Obama’s clear victory over GOP nominee Mitt Romney Nov. 6 and also for the Republicans’ badly outclassed get-out-the-vote efforts. [...]

Most of the RNC’s 168 voting members have pledged to support him for a second two-year term. He also has the support of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John A. Boehner and is preparing a counterattack against his detractors for as early as Friday, a Republican close to the chairman’s office said privately.

McConnell and Boehner will never learn. They've gone on their oblivious merry way, whining and harrumphing, ignoring any lessons they might have learned from an evolving electorate, one that actually exists in this century.

An anonymous Virginia Republican official said some of the anger comes from resentment over consultants “more interested in profits that in winning elections."

"Profits over people" is pretty much the default GOP position. If that's what they're peeved about, then they don't belong in the party in the first place.