VIDEO: What's the deal with Republicans and their refusal to provide details? Talkin' to you this time, Boehner.


To go all Seinfeldian for a moment, what's the deal with Republicans and their refusal to provide details? Remember this collection of GOP evasion and secrecy?

Etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Republicans just can't seem to learn from their mistakes, because here we go again.  Then again, if Americans knew the details of their plans... fugetaboutit.

Today at a press conference, John Boehner said the following:


There has been no serious discussion of spending cuts so far. And unless there is, there is a real danger of going off the fiscal cliff. [...] So right now all eyes are on the White House…It’s time for the President, Congressional Democrats to tell the American people what spending cuts they’re willing to make.


So your 2011 position still stands, then? I mean, are you still offering, those talks from 2011, is that still the basis here?


Listen, I’m not going to get into the details, but it’s very clear what kind of spending cuts need to occur, but we have no idea what the White House is willing to do.

Pot. Kettle. Elusive.

Think Progress:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) called on President Obama and Democrats to specify entitlement cuts that could balance their desires for tax increases in a hypothetical deal to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff,” even though only Republicans have demanded spending cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security. Despite their support for putting entitlement programs on the chopping block, GOP lawmakers have refused to specify how, or by how much, they would cut the programs.

First, it's not a "fiscal cliff," more like a "fiscal bluff," and a crisis of their own making. Second, they're not entitlements, they're earned benefits.

And third, killing Medicare is not an option, voucherizing is not an option, avoiding direct questions is not an option, but this sure is: Liberals double down: No entitlement cuts.

  • I got it! If the republicans want details, here are some suggestions; All medical programs for congress persons are ended at end of present term in office, you can get really good programs in the private sector. Retirement benefits are hereby ended, once again, the miracle of unfettered capitalism will provide. Congressional salaries are to be based on the minimum wage plus 15% (after all, they do need a little extra for the big job they do) and said salary will only be paid for time measured in hours spent in actual work (in office reading letters from constituents, staff meetings or on the senate and house floor in actual debate). Congresspersons will be allowed to hold part-time work nearby since there are a number of fast food businesses in the DC area that need talented, hardworking team members looking for a great, fun opportunity. Congresspersons may not hire out to any firm that resembles anything found on K street (exception granted for wait staff positions) for 15 years after leaving office or when it can be fairly said that the former congressperson has become irrelevent. Election campaigns shall be publicly funded and all contributions from any source shall be limited to a maximum of $10.00 in any one month per contributor. Brown bags shall be provided free of charge for carrying lunch. Office equipment shall be provided by the elected official. Transportation expenses shall be the responsibility of the elected official....